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    News — Ballast

    Happy Fourth of July!

    Is your boat ready for the upcoming holiday?
    Boating is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July.  We feel that having fun with family and friends while enjoying the water, is a great way to celebrate. We know that boating is fun and we would like to keep it that way.  An important step to a fun and safe boating trip is making sure that your boat is in top shape.
     Here is a list of three common boat problems that will ruin any boating trip.
    1. Bad Impeller– Impellers are the heart of your boat.  They cool your engine by keeping cold water circulating through your engine.  After time the rubber impellers may age and breakdown.  You should change your impeller at least once a year and it is also a good idea to keep a spare on your boat. See our Impeller collection here.
    2. Bilge Pump– If the water in the boat is up to your ankles its not extra ballast.  Having a bad bilge pump can be dangerous and yours could be bad with out even knowing.  Test your bilge pump– if it doesn't work click the link to find the proper bilge pump for your boat.  See our Bilge Selection Here.
    3. Fuel Pump– If your fuel pump goes out you will be stranded.  Your pump may not show any signs of before it goes out.  Pumps generally last 300 - 400 hrs.  If your boat is in this  time range  you may want to replace or at least have one on hand just incase.  You can find our fuel pumps here.
    It is a good idea to check these items before every trip. We have a large selection of MasterCraft parts and accessories.  You can view our entire selection at MCPartsDepot.com. Not sure what you need?  Let us help you find your part.  Email info@mcpartsdepot.com and we can help you find your part. whatever you do this 4th of July please be safe and have fun!

    4 steps to change Ballast Impellers

    There is nothing worst than getting out on the water after a long winter and having your boat break down.   One common problem that often gets over looked are the Engine and ballast impellers. MasterCraft states that Impellers MUST be changed during annual maintenance or every 100 hours, whichever comes first. This applies to both the engine and ballast impellers. 

    Here is a step by step guide for changing your Ballast Pump Impellers.


    This applies only to boats equipped with some type of ballast system. The number of ballast pumps varies from system to system. You may need guidance from your Dealer to locate any and all pumps.

    Step 1: Remove two of the cover screws and retain the screws for the reinstallation process. Swing the cover out of the way to allow access to the impeller location.
    Step 2: Using the needle-nose pliers, pull the old impeller out of the casing.
    Step 3: Install the new impeller. (It is intentionally larger than the case. While gently squeezing it in, ensure that the paddle wheels angle in the same direction--counterclockwise--all the way around.)
    Step 4: Slide the plate back into place. No silicone is necessary. Due to the built-in gasket, tightening the screws should prevent leakage.
    By checking and changing the impellers on your boat will help you keep your boat on the water trouble free all summer long.  You may also want to keep an extra set in your boat to keep a bad impeller from ruining your trip.