There is nothing worst than getting out on the water after a long winter and having your boat break down.   One common problem that often gets over looked are the Engine and ballast impellers. MasterCraft states that Impellers MUST be changed during annual maintenance or every 100 hours, whichever comes first. This applies to both the engine and ballast impellers. 

Here is a step by step guide for changing your Ballast Pump Impellers.


This applies only to boats equipped with some type of ballast system. The number of ballast pumps varies from system to system. You may need guidance from your Dealer to locate any and all pumps.

Step 1: Remove two of the cover screws and retain the screws for the reinstallation process. Swing the cover out of the way to allow access to the impeller location.
Step 2: Using the needle-nose pliers, pull the old impeller out of the casing.
Step 3: Install the new impeller. (It is intentionally larger than the case. While gently squeezing it in, ensure that the paddle wheels angle in the same direction--counterclockwise--all the way around.)
Step 4: Slide the plate back into place. No silicone is necessary. Due to the built-in gasket, tightening the screws should prevent leakage.
By checking and changing the impellers on your boat will help you keep your boat on the water trouble free all summer long.  You may also want to keep an extra set in your boat to keep a bad impeller from ruining your trip.
Written by Robert Wright

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